The Bruss Hand pallet trucks with scales are known for their huge effort. The Bruss hand pallet truck scales can weigh all your goods you move or lift, so you have full 100% control over your goods in your factory or warehouse, incoming and outgoing goods. For all applications Bruss has the right solution - the Bruss weigh!

Our Weighing Hand Pallet trucks

Bruss B-1

Bruss B-1

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Bruss Basic

Bruss Basic

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Bruss Xtra-B

Bruss Xtra-B

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Bruss Xtra-L

Bruss Xtra-L

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All units do have: 

  • Hand pallet truck scale system without moving scale parts
  • 4 load cells – with a capacity of 1000 kg per cell
  • Maintenance free
  • Full range of indicators for all posibile applications
  • Special fork width and fork lenghts are available
  • High accuracy - 0,1% of applied load
  • (option) barcode or label printer
  • (option) Explosionproof
  • (option) Legal For Trade for invoicing
  • (option) Data transfer with WLAN or Bluetooth
  • Connected to a WMS (Warehouse Management System) via cable, WLAN or Bluetooth
  • PDA software for data capture
  • Pallet truck scales for all possbile applications

Bruss pallet trucks with scales for your every day weighing needs

Improve your warehouse efficiency with Bruss mobile scales